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The Statement Shoe

Designer’s have blurred the boundaries of fashion and art to create modern day masterpieces that even Picasso would be proud of…



This is definately the year of the statement shoe. From Miu Miu’s candle shaped heels, to Chanel’s metallic peep toe shoes the runways welcomed a riot of colour, creativity and artistry. There is something for everyone. If Marc Jacob’s modern art inspired upside heel is “too out there” why not try Roberto Cavalli’s more traditional yet head-turning wedges? If Balenciaga’s warrior shoes aren’t for you why not opt for Chloé’s wide strapped patent heels? You get the idea. Designers invite you to let your imagination run wild, to experiment, to be whoever you want to be. This year’s shoes capture the essence of this season. This year its all about you. All about choice, flair and creativity. The line between fashion and art has been blurred and they have collided to create a truly inspiring season…


   1.cherdionne154798.jpg 2.colour155955.jpg

                            3. gigi154770.jpg 

4.levictus_zip_sandal155063.jpg  5untitled.jpg  

                    6. wedges156230.jpg


  7. monochrome156218.jpg 8.suede-boots.jpg 


10.image1xl1.jpg11. matalan-shoe.jpg

                   12.  32z90sgry_large1.jpg 


1. Long gladiator boots by Office (No price/New collection)

2. Green patent shoes by Faith £65

3. Blue and black ”space” shoes by Shelleys (No price/New collection)

4. Gladiator sandals with zip detail by Office £40

5. Tan cutaway detail boots by Shelleys £80

6. Red strap detail wedges by Faith £50

7. Monochrome heels by Faith £55

8. Suede cutaway black boots by £36 (In Sale now)

9. Colourful heels by Office £60

10. Brown leather peep toe cone heeled shoes by KG £90

11. Black and tan patent strap shoes by Matalan £12

12. Ankle boots with cutaway detail by TopShop Unique £115

13. Suede and patent block heels by Marks&Spencer £19.50

14. Sporty cut away detail wedge by Nine West (New collection/No price)


Photos courtesy of, and

Gemma DoutwaiteÓ

Next on FashionBeat: Bag trends and London Fashion Week….




  1. Hi Gemma!

    I really like your blog! I also have one at and it is called You probably notice by the name that it is all about shoes!

    Although I write in Dutch (because I am from Holland), I thought it would be nice to trade links to put it on our blogrolls! I mean, the pictures of the shoes are most important!

    Good luck with your blog!

  2. I am a shoe freak and love your picks – just wish I could get them in the U.S.!

    Thanks for posting.

  3. I have just moved to one of the most difficult terrains in the world, just on the Capricorian line of the equator in Australia, flat as rock – the geologic surface of an ancient landscape that defies any ideality of the shoe, let alone one carefully hand made by a family business in the provinicial captital of Bologna.

    I have just got to a new understanding of the Fats Waller lyric ‘yer feets too big”, I am reliving my pregnancy with a warning ‘feet up’ (odima) or your baby could die!

    So I am consuming the shoe like i never have before, busting my budget on low heeled sling backs or custom moulded space age numbers with thereaupetic insoles. I just bought a pair of flappers ankle staps with a modest height of 1 1/2 in. heels – unfortunately the dance moves ain’t in the shoes. Any one with any ideas about moonwalking fashionably? I would welcome the tips.

  4. Nice Blog.. I love it.. Keep up the good work..

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